CXPerts Podcast with Shad Mortazavi

By kyeling | November 17, 2017

At the recent Chief Customer Officer event in Sydney, I caught up with Shad Mortazavi of OpenIQ to talk about some of the challenges and opportunities in driving CX transformation. Having had many conversations with Shad about this topic off air, I was very excited to get to capture his insights and share them here…. Read more.

Evernote Chief Customer Officer Melbourne Australia

Resurgent Unicorn: How Evernote proved critics wrong by embracing customer centricity

By Corinium | February 28, 2017

Fifteen months ago, Business Insider called Evernote the first dead unicorn. While some might despair at such criticism, Evernote took it as a challenge. In the last year, Evernote added their 200 millionth user, doubled the number of paying users, moved three petabytes of data to the Google Cloud Platform, redesigned their Windows app and… Read more.

customer experience transformation

Be real about Customer Experience Transformation

By Corinium | December 14, 2016

There are some amazing examples of transformation in the world of Customer Experience. There are also some cautionary tales. A critical difference I have noticed between successful and unsuccessful CX projects: Honesty. Being real about your Customer Experience transformation can be the difference. When the people running these projects are truly honest with themselves, the… Read more.


Forrester: Empowered customers drive deeper business transformations in 2017

By Corinium | December 2, 2016

    Businesses today are under attack, but it’s not by their competitors. They are under attack from their customers. Three years ago, Forrester identified a major shift in the market, ushering in the age of the customer. Power has shifted away from companies and towards digitally savvy, technology-empowered customers who now decide winners and… Read more.


The Key Attributes of Strong Customer Experience (CX) Leaders

By Corinium | December 2, 2016

  We spoke with Lisa Pogonoski, Chief Customer Officer at BT Financial Group to find out more about her role and the key attributes of the Chief Customer Officer.   Corinium: The Chief Customer Officer role is relatively new to the C-suite. How do you think the role impacts the business as a whole when… Read more.

customer experience

A Closer Look at Customer Experience (CX) in the Digital Age

By Corinium | December 2, 2016

  Social media and digital have had a profound impact on the way in which humans interact with one another, so it’s only natural that these mediums have also had significant implications for customer service and the strategies used by today’s companies to engage with their consumers. With the rapid development in technology, organisations are… Read more.